Our company mission is to deliver accurate, reliable, timely and economical architectural/engineering, 2D CAD documentation and 3D architectural visualization services to Architectural/Engineering and building development professionals. See Why Outsource Now?


We bring to clients various benefits through its outsourced CAD services

  • Our team includes 2 American Architects with a total of 80 years of experience on varied range of A/E projects.
  • Excellent cost benefits Minimum 50%-70% savings
  • Excellent knowledge of American and International Building Codes, Planning and Zoning Guidelines (resulting in production of accurate drawings with minimal need for revisions) ready to be submitted to local authorities. And used for costing and construction.
  • Quick turnaround time. (Time zone difference leveraged to have 24 hour turnaround, if needed.)
  • Access to vast pool of English speaking, highly trained CAD Architects/Engineers available at short notices (manpower scaling up can be done very fast at no extra cost.)
  • Dedicated infrastructure with Hardware/Software (reducing client costs on physical infrastructure.)
  • 24 hour high speed internet connectivity for file transfer protocols facilitating seamless connectivity between the client and the production team.
  • Stringent quality control process to ensure high accuracy levels in drawings & documents.
  • Excellent Project Management procedures to enable smooth working between clients and production team.
  • Constant training and knowledge enhancement initiatives to take care of skill updating among the team.
  • High Data and information security measures to ensure confidentiality of client information.
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